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Offering An Objective Approach To The Law

At The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, we emphasize the importance of taking an objective approach to the law. Whether handling complex asset division for a divorcing business owner or resolving a contentious child custody dispute, you can count on our Tulsa, Oklahoma, law firm to be:

  • Practical – Our approach to the law is focused on results. Those who have been exposed to the litigation system are aware of its many flaws. Legal disputes are expensive and emotionally charged. It is our job to focus on your goals and to use the legal tools we have to achieve solid, workable results. We advise you on a practical approach to solving your legal disputes and stay focused on the real-world actualities.
  • Intentional – Our practice is not "cookie cutter." You will find law firms and lawyers who maintain a strict, lockstep approach to problem solving. We take the approach that sometimes intentional deviation from the standard model is required to solve a dispute. Our representation is calculated, considered, voluntary and planned. We consider your options and discuss them with you regularly, allowing you to participate actively and make decisions in your case.
  • Fair and Factual – Lawsuits are not cheap, and while our legal system is not a perfect system of justice, it is the only one we have. A variety of models and alternative dispute methods are available to avoid traditional litigation. We will not sugarcoat a case. Given the dispute resolution parameters with which you are faced, we will always be fair and factual with you in our assessment of your goals.
  • Tenacious – Our representation of you is cohesive, firm and persistent. We will fight for your goals. We are not afraid to take on small, medium or large firms and are steadfast in holding a correct position even if it is unpopular. It is our job to have practical, correct advice and the stamina to help you make the hard decisions and not to back down.
  • Verifiable – Our representation can be tested and verified by observation and by our track record. This does not mean that we always "win," but having been fortunate to have worked early on in a large firm setting with some of the most highly respected lawyers in the legal community, our services and skills are top notch and our rates are very reasonable. We are a small shop with large firm skills, knowledge and ability. We believe our track record and the personal attention you will experience will more than verify our commitment to your case and your objectives.

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