Divorce For Retirees

Representing Oklahoma Clients Who Are Close To Retirement Age

Sometimes when the children are grown and gone, couples find that their lives have diverged and they no longer want to remain married. Sometimes one spouse's poor choices precipitate a divorce. In either case, you can count on The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC

We understand the divorce process for retirees and we can help you work through your particular concerns. Regardless of whether you have significant assets and retirement accounts or simply a modest home and a car, we will strive diligently to preserve these assets for you. We are well aware that your future is dependent upon having adequate financial resources to support you during your latter years.

Practical Answers To Difficult Questions

Our lawyer is available to help you find practical solutions to your divorce-related problems and trustworthy answers to your questions. Such questions may include:

  • Is my spouse entitled to a share of my personal retirement accounts?
  • Will I have to go back to work in order to support myself after my divorce?
  • Do I have to make alimony payments if I have a very limited income?
  • Can I qualify to get another house if my spouse claims the one we have now?

Dividing Marital Debts

Many people have misconceptions about mortgages, credit card balances and other debts. They often believe that because the debt is only in one spouse's name, the other spouse is not responsible for any of it. This is usually not the case. Any debt accumulated during the marriage is generally subject to division during the divorce.

To learn more about retirement and divorce, we welcome you to arrange a consultation with our Tulsa County attorney. Simply call The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, at 347-730-4003 today. You can also contact our Tulsa office by email.