Tulsa County Family Law Mediation

Ensuring Your Goals Are Fully Pursued

If you have a family law case in Tulsa County, the odds are high that you will attend mediation; it has become a requirement for many judges. However, there is great flexibility in choosing a mediator, so it is wise to retain the one who is right for your particular case.

The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, can advise you on choosing a mediator. Our Oklahoma attorney will attend the mediation sessions with you and ensure your best interests are truly represented.

Remember, a mediator's job is to settle your case. This means that he or she does not represent you or your spouse. By having attorney Joseph Ellis Thompson at your side, you can rest assured that your goals and needs will not be ignored in favor of an unsatisfactory settlement.

A Less Contentious, Cost-Saving Option

In litigation or trial, a judge decides your case for you. However, mediation gives you the strongest voice to negotiate an outcome that best fits your needs. The role of a mediator is to facilitate productive discussions between the involved parties — not to make the decisions for you.

Battling a case in court also has the potential to be both time-consuming and extremely expensive. Finding an acceptable compromise outside of the courtroom is usually far more cost-effective.

Whether you need divorce mediation or any other type of Tulsa County family law mediation, The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, can assist you in creating a satisfactory agreement that is tailored to your unique situation. Arrange a consultation by calling our Tulsa County office at 347-730-4003, or contact our lawyer by email today.