Construction Law

Construction law requires the knowledge and skill set to master both general legal principles and bodies of law, as well as an understanding of the particular issues and problems arising from the construction process. To help individuals and entities in Oklahoma in construction disputes requires a thorough understanding of the varied legal and industry-specific principles in play in any given construction situation.

Our Tulsa County construction lawyer represents clients in all areas of construction disputes from owners, general contractors and subcontractors to specialty construction entities and design specialists. We represent individuals as well as small and large businesses and our practical approach to the legal process ensures that our focus is on mitigating your losses and getting you back to business rather than entangled in litigation.

Given the complexity of the legal system, attorney Joseph Ellis Thompson helps you through the entirety of any dispute whether it includes claims of negligence, breach of contract, delay, design and/or construction defects, acceleration or differing site claims. We are skilled in mediation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, court actions, trials and appeals.

We take pride in providing the best and the most objective representation, meaning we understand that only lawyers want to be involved in litigation and clients usually want a practical solution to their legal problems. We are not afraid to take alternative routes to solving a construction dispute and refuse to believe that "cookie cutter" dispute resolution is necessary or beneficial to your bottom line. We customize our methods to meet your distinct needs and circumstances and advise you accordingly.

The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, helps clients throughout Oklahoma with construction disputes. To schedule a consultation to discuss options involving a construction problem, call us at 347-730-4003 or send us an email today.