Tulsa Property Division Lawyer

Oklahoma is not a community property state. This means that during divorce, assets and debts are not required to be divided 50-50. Instead, marital property may be divided in any way that is deemed by the court to be fair.

Because property division does not adhere to a cut-and-dry formula, it is important to have a skilled legal advocate who can uphold your financial interests and pursue your goals.

With more than 20 years of combined experience, the legal team at The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, has the knowledge you seek. We are well equipped to help clients create unique property division agreements with particular objectives, such as dividing a jointly owned company in a way that keeps the business running.

Dividing Real Property, Bank Accounts, 401(k)s And More

The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, guides clients though the division of:

  • Retirement accounts and employment benefits
  • Bank accounts
  • Stock options
  • Investment real estate
  • Residential houses
  • Vacation and rental property, such as lake homes
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs), cars and boats
  • Small businesses and professional practices
  • Valuable art collections, antiques and other property

We understand that the only people who really want to be in the courtroom are lawyers. Most individuals involved in divorce want a prompt and cost-effective resolution, not an expensive and time-consuming trial. Our Tulsa property division attorney will vigorously defend your interests without losing focus on what makes the most practical sense for your particular situation. In many cases, we can resolve property division disputes through mediation or negotiation, which often saves clients both time and money.

Arrange a consultation about the division of marital property in Oklahoma by calling The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, at 347-730-4003. You can also contact our Tulsa County office by email today.