Tulsa High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

Diligently Defending Our Clients' Financial Interests

At The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC in Oklahoma, we realize that our clients have often invested years of their lives and significant effort to accumulate financial security. If their hard-earned assets are lost during divorce, the ramifications can be significant.

Our Tulsa high-asset divorce lawyer, Joseph Ellis Thompson, has the legal knowledge and professional experience necessary to effectively pursue her clients' goals and defend their interests in these complex cases. As a trial litigator, she is at home in the courtroom. However, she also understands the value of resolving high-asset divorce disputes in a cost-effective manner. She will pursue all viable alternatives to litigation in order to minimize the financial impact and preserve as many assets as possible.

Our attorney represents a wide array of clients, including:

  • Business owners and executives
  • Physicians, accountants and others with professional practices
  • Owners of investment properties and rental real estate
  • Individuals with significant retirement funds and employment benefits
  • Individuals with other tangible or intangible assets

Keeping Current With High Net Worth Issues

In addition to keeping abreast of the longstanding laws and cases applicable to marriage, divorce and children in general, our office strives to stay on top of the ever-evolving state and federal case laws and statutes affecting our clients.

If there is a new or cutting-edge seminar addressing high-asset of Oklahoma divorce forms, custody disputes, or family law in general, you are likely to find one of us there, fine-tuning our skills to provide our clients with the best and latest information to help guide them in making what are, in most instances, truly life-changing decisions.

To schedule a consultation about a complex divorce case in Tulsa County, call The Law Office of Joseph Ellis Thompson, PLLC, at 347-730-4003 or send us an email today.